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Commercial wallpaper is probably one of the most misinterpreted and confusing aspects of decorating. It is only applied by a handful of highly skilled experts.

At Wallpaper Installation Sydney, we take deep pride in being among the handful of skilled experts who are in a position to creatively and expertly handle wallpaper installation. We are capable of handling even the largest contracts because of our efficient work process.

New wallpaper can dramatically and drastically transform any room. Lobbies and hotels instantly become more welcoming, offices and boardrooms become innovative workplaces and also hospitals have a more conducive environment for healing all because of installing appropriate wallpaper.

To achieve this look, wallpaper has to be carefully chosen and properly installed by an expert. With the various types of wallpaper such as wide vinyl, silk and others available, our expert designers will help you choose the right wallpaper to suit your needs.

We, Wallpaper Installation Sydney, have over 16 years as wallpaper installers in Sydney and over the years we have come to understand that when it comes to commercial wallpaper installation, several factors come into play. These factors include:

Resistance to staining

If we are installing wallpaper in an area where liquids are often present then resistance to staining is an important factor to consider.

If we are installing wallpaper in a bar or a restaurants, spills are inevitable. We therefore choose wallpaper that soak the liquid which could leave an ugly stain.

Wash ability

This point is closely related to staining. If some liquid spills on the wallpaper, it should be easily cleaned.

Whether is by use of a damp sponge or some mild detergent. This ensures that your walls are clean at all times. We also consider if the wallpaper can be scrubbed. Scrubbing is a little more intense than washing as it involves use of a brush. In case you need to scrub a stain to get it out, you need wallpaper that can be scrubbed without getting ruined.

Exposure to light affect color

There are different materials used in manufacturing wallpaper. Some are more resistant to light exposure than others.

If we are installing wallpaper in an area that is constantly exposed to sunlight, we consider using materials that are more resistant to fading.

We, Wallpaper Installation Sydney, are in a position to add so much more depth and new dimension to any room.

When it comes to commercial wallpaper so much thought goes into the selection process. You will need experts to hold your hand through the entire process. It does not matter whether it is the installation of a wall mural, textured or even patterned wallpaper, we at Wallpaper Installation Sydney have you covered.

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