Custom Prints

What better way to boldly define any interior space than by using custom print wallpapers?

Wake your boring walls whether it is in the kitchen or your boardroom with an inspiring high quality custom print.

The lobby of your office can have a dramatic ceiling to floor photo mural of your products. You can have your restaurant walls showing beautiful scenery that set the mood. Retail stores as well can have their own custom wallpapers that strengthen their branding.

There are endless possibilities to liven up boring old walls. If you prefer being unique and standing out, why not show this through your wallpaper.

Getting a custom print is so easy. All you need is a digital image of high resolution. Simply pick a wall, come up with your own custom design from scratch and we at Wallpaper Installation Sydney we will easily install it for you. Our experts are always ready to help.

We can help you in every aspect starting from the wallpaper material whether traditional wallpaper or peel and stick wall paper. Whichever is best for your custom installation. If you need help coming up with a custom design, do not trouble yourself.

Our expert designers will assist you in matching your unique print to the already established interior style.

In commercial wallpaper installation custom printed wallpaper usually orient your clients, associates, employees and prospects to the message or your brand. We can help in the installation for ether temporary or long term use.

These include:

Business meetings


Retail sales campaigns

New promotions

At, Wallpaper Installation Sydney, we understand that your work and living space is the physical embodiment of your dreams, emotions and hopes.

You spend plenty of time in these spaces and we want to help you to work, live and create in these spaces to the fullest. We want to make them the most comfortable and beautiful places for you.

This is why we provide our clients with the option of installing their custom prints. With the use of the latest cutting edge digital printing technology you have the ability to print any design you wish and we will professionally and expertly install it on your wall.

We handle different projects whether large or small we welcome the challenge.

We have skilled experts who are always ready to assist clients make informed decision. Try Wallpaper Installation Sydney and we guarantee to achieve your desired effect.

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