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Your house is your castle and it should feel like it. It is also the place where everyone goes to seek comfort and refuge. Your home should reflect your taste and lifestyle.

Installing wallpapers in your home helps create new themes to your space and bring out the strong points in any room. If you are planning to have new wallpaper installed in your home, look no further, Wallpaper Installation Sydney is the company that best suits your needs.

It does not matter if you are thinking of simple maintenance, renovation or even a new project for your home, at Wallpaper Installation Sydney we got you covered. You can always count on our strict work ethics and professionalism to provide you with stellar services that you rightfully deserve.

Our wall paper installation services are not just limited to the living area and the dining room but also other rooms in your home including:


Designing your bathroom is one of the most challenging and transforming design jobs that you can do in your home.

Most homeowners shy away from installing wallpaper in their bathrooms due to the humid nature of the bathrooms. They miss out on the endless possibilities of transforming their bathrooms into a rustic escape or even their own personal spa.

The fear of steam from the bath building up enough condensation to cause problems with your wallpaper is rational. However, modern wallpapers are made from material that is not easily damaged by the humidity. We can assure you that your bathroom is the perfect space to play around with different wallpaper designs and colors.

Hallways and staircases

Hallways are often narrow and featureless corridors but they do not have to be.

Our design experts will share bold and exciting color and design combinations to update the look of your hallway. The same case applies to the stairs. They play a very important functional purpose of connecting one floor to the next but that does not mean that design and appearance should be neglected.

Installing patterned wallpapers on your stair case provides a great visual focus and you have an opportunity to really let your creative juices flow. Work with our expert designers and installers to find what fits your taste.


Your kitchen is the last place that you would think of installing wallpaper.

You might be afraid of the backsplash and the oil damaging the wallpaper but should be the least of your concerns. Our experts know the right wallpapers to install in kitchens to avoid water or oil damage.

You can play around with patterns and create a whole new look for your kitchen. You can even make use floral wallpaper that adds a non-expected touch to a kitchen. To liven up your kitchen you can use dramatic wallpaper to achieve the desired look.

Make a statement with wallpaper in your home. Contact us if you wish to create your own personal unique style in your home using wallpaper. Let the experts handle the installation:

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